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We also search for the serious publishers inside the Serbia, but also, we're welcoming all publishers from the world. No matter where you are, if you interested in Prijatelji stories, contact us through our pages showed below!


For detailed biography of Prijatelji (Pals) check Wikipedia pages:


Interview with Main creator of Prijatelji Marko Todosijević - Mrvax:


The new issue of Prijatelji (Pals) will hit the ''stage'' on December of 2012. On A4 format, with 40 pages of gags, spoofs, bummers, fights and love and friendship, don't miss the: Naseči mi 'leba i parizer na koso ('Chop me sum bread and Bologna on sloping')

Cover by: Saša Arsenić 
Design by: Borivoje Grbiž - Zigomar and Marko Todosijević - Mrvax
Illustrations by: Vladimir Petković - Vlapet, Tihomir Kostić-Kovenant & Borivoje Grbić -Zigomar
Artworks:  Marko Todosijević - Mrvax & Vladimir Petković - Vlapet
Scripts:  Tihomir Kostić-Kovenant, Marko Todosijević - Mrvax & Vladimir Petković - Vlapet

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Back in 2006, when ''Prijatelji'' started its life from Mrvax's pen first official drawing was panel posted below (originally published in first issue of ''Prijatelji'' in 2006):

On this panel what can be seen are first versions (and clearly original) of Zombisha and Mrmi which marked the first era of ''Prijatelji''...Concerning the origin of ''Prijatelji'', before Mrvax started to work on ''Prijatelji'', some brief comic work preceded to creation of ''Prijatelji''. It was group of one-panel gags entitled ''Zvuci Rodnog Kraja'' (Sounds of Hometown), which then spontaneously turned into ''Prijatelji''.

MAČO MIKULA & ZIGOMAR (Tribute illustration to Zigomar)

For today, illustration of Mačo Mikula (Macho Miqulla) and Zigomar by Vlapet.

Macho Miqulla is one of the main characters of the ''Prijatelji'' series and practically, the leader of the ''gang''. Hidden behind the mask and costume similar to Lucha Libre wrestlers, Miqulla is somewhat representation of ''superhero'', yet, not that spectacular as Superman or Betman, as Miqulla in most of episodes can be seen drunk as barrel or humiliated by his own behavior towards women etc. Except for his hammering fists or large beer belly, he hasn't possess any supernatural powers. Character of Macho Miqulla is created by Vladimir Petković, backgrounded by Tihomir Kostić and  Established by Marko Todosijević and Vladimir Petković.

Thus the Miqulla is in humor-based surrounding there are some intension to develop the character into more serious ''masked avenger'', but until we'll see much more of Macho Miqulla in crazy world of ''Prijatelji''.

More detailed stories about Macho Miqulla can be found in new issue of ''Prijatelji'', which comes out very soon. Also, in some further writings we'll gonna have some topic related to Serbian action and superhero comic books.

* * *

Zigomar was one of the first Serbian adventure/superhero comic strips created by Nikola Navojev and Branko Vidić. The series was first published by Mikijevo carstvo (Mickeys kingdom) in 1939. 

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 Here are some sketches of Zombisha (Albino Zombie of Nzumbe tribe).. from 12 of these sketches, one, under the number of 5 has been elected for the series. Also, there was brief usage of head under the number 9, which appeared in April's special issue of  ''Prijatelji''.

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These are some skectches and probes of character of Ninja Nidza, done by Vlapet.



Here we have some Marko's illustrations, preliminar works etc. It will be more of these in time, until then enjoy!

 Kung Fu Romi  (Kung fu Gypsies)        (Illustrated by Mrvax)
-This capture is from upcoming issue of ''Prijatelji'' (about new issue check our facebook page), and it brings debut role of new characters known as Kung fu Romi (Kung fu Gypsies)

 Prijatelji (Manga style) Presentation of Ninja Nidza, Dule the student, Mrmi the hybrid of dog and groundhog and Zombisha -albino Zombie as Manga characters.   (Illustrated by Mrvax)

 This here is excerpt from new episode of ''Prijatelji''.  Work on this one is still in development.
 (Illustrated and written by Mrvax)